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Originally from Connecticut, Mary Malm has resided in Florida for most of her adult life.  Educated at Pratt Institute and the University of Miami, earning both her BFA and MFA at that institution, she has been a practicing artist and educator for more than 30 years.

Malm works in serial form until she feels satisfied that she has exhausted the subject. Her Shelf Life series is an examination of simple moments in time. Using her photographs as subjects, she paints small, intimate works. Malm chooses those photos whose meaning has change through the passage of time.

In her Bather's series Malm paints women who are comfortable with themselves and their bodies, no matter their age, weight or condition.

Malm's early work is a series called Places of Refuge. In this group of large scale work, she recreates the sensory experience of a particular place, at a particular time.

Malm shows her work both regionally and nationally. Her work has received many awards and is in numerous private and public collections.


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